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A new study reveals women are struggling with graphic online porn in droves. What’s the root of the rapid spread of sexual immorality?

A new survey shows that it’s not size that matters most to women when assessing a man’s penis — it’s how attractive the whole ‘package’ looks

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Penis size really does matter for women — but men, it’s not what you think — as it’s all contingent on the duration of the sexual relationship.

How Big Is The Perfect Penis? 12 Women Take A Stab At The Answer

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AskMen’s Dating channel offers you all the advice you need to become a Better Man in romance and relationships.

It Can be an Orgasm Deal-Breaker. Vaginal orgasms do exist, but they’re tricky for a lot of women to achieve, and only 30 percent of women are able to reach orgasm

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Size technically matters, but it’s the overall sexual experience that matters more, finds a new study.

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Physical intimacy with a caring and nurturing partner is one of life’s greatest joys, despite the sometimes unfortunate sounds and smells. Sadly, though, romantic

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Penis enlargement pills DO work, but which ones? You can find the best, clinically proven choices, by taking a few minutes of your time.

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