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Polar Seltzer: Premium sparkling water made with great tasting natural flavor for calorie-free refreshment.

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Bromo-Seltzer bottles Emerson Drug Company, Baltimore Maryland, antique cobalt blue bottles, collectible decorative decoration, history, information.

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Vintage accessory rentals for weddings and events in Northern California.

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A second type of internal stopper was the Hutchinson spring stopper, which was far more common than gravitating models. In a Hutchinson, the stopper inside the bottle

Vintage U.S. Beer Bottles For Sale: primarily embossed, blob top beers, lagers, porters, stouts, ales, and stoneware lagers; plus some labeled, crown top beers.

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Naturally flavored Seltzer and Sparkling Water do what comes naturally naturally flavored seltzer & sparkling water #drinkvintage

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In the world of soft-drink collectibles, Dr Pepper is a pip-squeak compared to Coca-Cola, the 800-pound gorilla of carbonated sugar water, w

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